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Hello, and welcome to my page of travels and travails. I hope you find something you like. And if you want to go backpacking, I'm good to go...

Who am I?

Nobody knows for sure. I am different things to different people. the RIGHT kind of streaming I love to move through many worlds of experience. Here is some information about things I like to do.

When I was young, I had a burning urge to travel the world. Since I started college, I have been slowly fulfilling this need.

Along the way, I have sometimes stopped to snap a few pictures of the lands where I've been , and the people I have known . Of course, this is a partial list, since I'm still adding pictures I've taken, and always adding more people and places!

I've snapped the first round of Spain and most of Pittsburgh pictures with my old Pentax K1000, which unfortunately I lost Sophomore year. Almost all other pictures are from my Nikon F3/P camera which I bought used from an UPI photographer, and Nikkor 50mm and Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm lenses.

Please note that you can click on any of the thumbnail pictures you see, to get a nice, big view. Names are linked to more information about each person or place. Enjoy!


The pictures from Europe August '97 are back, scanned, and they are cool!! Stay tuned for:
The mountains around Mont Blanc

Bonus Point: Can you find the three climbers in the picture above?

Question: are these pictures ever going to appear? Answer: Maybe. If you want to just check 'em out sans text, go here.


NH Leaves


Spanish Farmer


Schoolkids on a Rickshaw



Tea Room in Interlaken



A Veiled Woman Who are they?

What's New? - December 1998

I created this page in winter 1993, after I realized I could no longer defer my presence on the new "fad" called the World Wide Web. My roommate, Chris, already had his online homestead staked out as he urged me to pen my own.

So, exactly five years and a few countries later, this third incarnation of my homepage draws to a close.

See, I escaped from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a Master's, so my account there is no more. Ironically, this page as a snapshot of my life and travels in the nineties, may live on indefinitely.

So what am I doing? A year ago, I headed west for some sun and surf. Somehow, I also landed a job doing hella cool video stuff. If you are going to be in San Francisco, give me a holler and we will go clubbing in the city.

2 December 1998

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